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about us

We believe that in each person there is a potential to lead in different aspects and situations, without the need for hierarchies. In places where everyone does their best, there are people engaging people for something greater than themselves.

What about you?


Do you feel that you have awakened within yourself, and among your colleagues, the potential to make the changes toward what you believe?

Engagement and Protagonism

Development  programs

  • Leadership Development

  • Aqto360

  • Workshops

  • Mentoring

  • Team Building





  • Individual Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Team Coaching

Change and Transition



  • Skills matrix mapping

  • HR Practices (Re) Desing

  • Organizational Redesing

  • Culture Change 

  • Digital Transformation


 we do

We can help you to transform your organization into a fertile environment for transformational leaders. Where each one sees himself as co-responsible for everything around him, bringing out the inner leader. Thus, from what matters for your organization, everyone can move the network of commitments and coordinate actions needed to deliver results. .

We do this by co-creating Development Programs for your team by supporting your people with Ontological Coaching and conducting Human Resource Consulting projects with you.




Our work is about learning and growth through relationships, with conversation, care and self-responsibility as strategic drivers.


The results emerge with greater understanding of each other and more effective communication; In reducing rework and creation of time; In the feeling of confidence and greater power of action; In mobilizing people for something greater than themselves and self-realization.


At the end, if you prefer something more pragmatic, what you get out of this process comes down to a simple but sometimes hard-to-reach word: productivity.



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